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Film / TV / Commercials

RTW provides COVID testing to the Film/TV/Commercial production industry with rapid and reliable turnaround times.

At RTW, we understand that each production is unique and has different needs. We work closely with your production staff to develop a specialized, physician-guided testing protocol utilizing EUA/FDA approved RT-PCR tests with the capability to test large volumes. Our goal is to SAFELY start your production from pre-production and to maintain a COVID-19 free set environment throughout the duration of the shoot.

RTW stays up to date with union-based protocols including following zone designations to determine the appropriate intervals for testing different members of cast/crew based on their respective roles.


RTW works with various film and tv productions, corporations, small/medium businesses, and educational institutions.

Film / TV / Commercials

  • COVID-19 screening and symptom monitoring
  • EUA/FDA-approved COVID-19 RT-PCR testing by trained medical professionals with 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Confidential results management, including contact tracing
  • Training and Education on infection prevention and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • PPE supplied upon request for an additional fee
  • End of Shoot Sanitization and Disinfection of set
    • Provided by affiliated, licensed and insured COVID-certified commercial cleaning company with NCL, GBAC certifications.

Film / TV / Commercial Presentation

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